Equipped with comprehensive suites to suit every pocket, we take multilayer compositioning, 2D and 3D animation to new heights for commercial corporate and creative application. 

We have always been known for making the ordinary into the extraordinary, the unimaginable into something tangible through our visual effects artistry. Our foremost forte has always been transforming the visual through thousands of compositing layers, into a masterpiece of excellence, bringing your imaginative brief to life. MOI Content offers visual effects and animation using cutting-edge technologies.






Through the use of the animation medium, we are able to breathe life into titles and logos thereby making a greater impression of them within your market. With the clever artistry of motion graphics, we can illustrate a story, an explanation or even a workflow that would otherwise be difficult to represent.


Its simple yet effective results prove just how vital motion graphics can be.



Sound is an essential part of any campaign, be it a soundtrack or a voice. MOI has a remarkable in-house audio resource that is Adam Howard. Adam is an accomplished musician and composer as well as one of the best audio artists that South Africa has.

Check out Howard Audio Here


He continues to bring life to our images and take our productions to the next level with his exceptional talent, oversized recording booth and the latest 5.1. Dolby surround sound studio. 


Our in-house social media management team is highly equipped to handle your social media requirements.


Social media has changed the way we communicate and the way we are perceived.


MOI Content has embraced this in a way that allows us to communicate en masse through visual representations across platforms with viewership that goes beyond the conventional. We are at the forefront of change and are constantly adapting to create content strategies, channel recommendations, as well as the content itself, that is relevant.