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We do  Expos and pop up stores 

Dubai Expo 

We helped bring to life the Cyprus pavillion for the Dubai expo. Running with the creative process from print work , shoot , post production and running of the pavillion. MOI worked through this project over 2 years creating it all through the covid pandemic . The Dubai expo runs for 6 months with a  tram overlooking it

Pre- Visulization




These Videos were shot over 17 days around the island of Cyprus. We shot for the different themes that would highlight Cyprus as the beautiful island it is . The categories included Business , tourism , Investment & gastronomy . These videos were set as triggers at the pavilion which people could use a QR Code to watch each of these videos .


The Pavillion was set up taking all the categories . Using QR codes to watch all videos created as well as holograms and art pieces from the Island of Cyprus . The Pavillion was set in Dubai for August 2021 and will run for 6 months . 

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